Saturday, January 1, 2011



It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone! We spent the evening with great friends, pizza,and a lot of laughs. I did take my camera,but when I went to take a picture of the kids it said “no memory card found”. Yep, I had left it in my computer so no New Year’s pics! Instead of doing resolutions this year I am setting a few goals.

1. Be more devoted in my quite time.

2. start eating healthy ,and exercising! I have got to lose some weight.

3. cut down on the eating out which will save us money and help with the healthy eating

4. unwrap our Dave Ramsey books and videos that we bought in October 2009. Yes we have had it that long and have been to scared to use!

5. get my house organized, I can never find anything!

6. take some photography classes

7. keep up with my blog and my bloggy friends!

8. Be more patient

What are some of you goals?

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