Wednesday, May 29, 2013

8th Grade Graduation

   Did I really just write 8th grade graduation? I can not believe that my first born will be in high school come August. I really didn’t cry when he started k-5 but I am here to tell you the tears are going to flow when I drop him off. Everyone always tells you to enjoy the moments because time flies by. Well I can now say that it really true. It was just yesterday that he came home from 4k and told me he had no friends. Of course I cried and thought about taking him out but come to find out all the kids were just a little shy. He made friends and all was well with the world again.

   Anyway, his school had a commencement ceremony and as I watched them all walk across the stage I flashed forward 4 short years. I start to panic at the thought of only having 4 more years until he leaves home, 4 more summer vacations, 4 more years until he is an adult. I catch myself praying all the time for the Lord to help me cherish these next 4 years.








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