Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Saint Louis

We FINALLY arrived in Saint Louis and it was HOT! We ran into a lot of road work on our way but we made it. We went straight to the zoo because it was too early to check in to our hotel.Plus we want to see most of the zoo. The Saint Louis Zoo is free for everyone. There are some things you can pay for like the carousel,train ride and sea lion show. Well since we are a member of our zoo we got half off the price of the wristbands. We were not in the zoo 10 minutes and Zoe said "I don't feel very good." Then I heard the noise the one when you're about to throw up. Sure enough she gets sick. I think it was from the heat because it was over 100 degrees! After she got some drink she was feeling better. You know it's not a Cotheran vacation without a little sickness!

This is what my car said when we got out of it.

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I thought cats didn't like the water? Well it was hot enough for these kitties.

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Oh yeah this feels so good!

Waiting on the sea lion show to start.

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All aboard!!! Anything to keep from

Aww Zoe found a friend:)

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This is the view from our room! Our hotel is awesome! We are on the 10Th floor room 1000!

Well we {Kain and I} talked about it and decided we didn't want to go up in the Arch. That thing is TOO talk for me or my eldest child:)

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We did get brave enough to at least go inside the building.Come to find out there is a museum and it's FREE! The boys have learned a lot about Lewis and Clark in school so they really enjoyed it.

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Now if we had have been brave enough this is what all 5 of us would have crammed into.

The guy at the hotel recommend Joey B's if we wanted the best pizza around. Well he wasn't kidding. I usually don't like thin crust but this was awesome. The cheese was so creamy and the pizza was square. I saw where Rachael Ray had it on her Tasty Travels show.

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After dinner we went back and got in the pool that was located on the 5Th floor with another gorgeous view. Now all the kids are sleeping and that is where I am about to head. We have another 10 hour drive tomorrow heading to Sioux Falls,SD. The kids were so good in the car but I wonder if tomorrow will be the same.
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Barbara Hoffman said...

Well I want to win... so here is my coment... Tyler and I have been in the museum in the arch... is the McD's river boat still down in the water from the arch.... my parents used to live in St. Louis... its a nice area but I am glad I never moved there with them.

Tracy said...

Sounds like you guys are having fun! I love the pics!
Hope Zoe feels better!

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun!! Have fun and be safe. Joye H

Stephanie said...

Now that looks like you guys are having a wonderful time...I wanna tag along on your next vacation :)

how cool that the zoo is free admission!!!! maybe greenville and hollywild need to take their cue if you know what I mean!

Hope Zoe feels better and you guys have a safe trip today!

jkstrib said...

Ya'll have so much fun! I am sure today will be more of the same!

Diana Sheriff said...

Looks like an awesome time...glad Zoe seems to be feeling better! Hopefully it will cool off for the rest of your trip! :)

Jennifer said...

Can I be your adopted daughter and travel w/ y'all???? St Louis looks like a cool place...The zoo free and it was so pretty wow... that is great... I see you didn't post about me not know June and July and the mix up on the room.. Glad they had one and you have an awesome view... I might have to add this to my list to do... Have a safe and fun traveling day.... Praying for everyone to be well...

He And Me + 3 said...

Oh no about Zoe...I hope it was just the heat.
Great pictures. keep them coming. I told you already...I want to be a part of your family. Your vacations are so fun!

Alicia said...

Stacy...honestly, you guys just rock at the vacations and the road trips!!!!

I love reading about them!!!

Summer Martin said...

Looks like you guys had fun despite the throwing up first thing. You make me tired just reading it:) Be safe. Can't wait to hear more.

Melissa said...

I hope u guys r having fun.... ur not missing nething n Spartanburg.. lol Have fun...

Melissa said...
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McCrakensx4 said...

WoW...first day of vaca and so much fun already!! Great shots and what an awesome view from your hotel window! I took pics of the arch when we passed through on our way from MI to AZ! Hope that Zoe is feeling better and you have a good drive! Can't wait to see more!

Rhonda said...

Looks like fun...I didn't know St Louis was even a little bit entertaining til now. ;)
Can't wait to hear the rest!