Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sioux Falls, SD

After a very long day and a lot of corn fields later we finally arrived in Sioux Falls,SD. I took this picture last night after I posted.

I am sooo tired and you would think it was from looking at 8 hours of corn fields{ not lying either} but it's not. This is what it looked like at 5 AM this morning in St Louis. OK people it is NOT daylight at MY house that early. This 1 hour time change has my body messed up. So I have been up since 5 am!

This was at a rest area in Missouri and I guess it really was their resting area!

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I have got to tell this story. We are driving in Iowa and see a sign for a Soda Fountain Shop so I decide to to get off on that exit in Hamburg. This town was so little they did not even have a red light.It was a 4 way and there was no one coming either Well needless to say we didn't stop because the 2 people in town were giving us the eye. They didn't look to friendly either. This town reminded me of this old horror movie "Children of the Corn".The town was empty and we were surrounded by corn.So I turned my car around and headed back to the interstate as fast as I could.Before some kids started bringing out their pitch

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We had another great room!

I had been reading that this little diner was a great place to eat. Well of course it was.Kain ordered Iced Tea well we forgot that they do not have it sweet!

My roast beef sand which and mashed potatoes smothered in gravy...Yummy!

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We didn't have time to do much but we did go see Falls Park. It is beautiful!

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Tomorrow we have a 5 1/2 hour drive but I am looking forward to every bit of it. we will arrive at our final destination Custer State Park. So I'm not sure when I will be blogging again!

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Alicia said...

Awesome pictures again, Stacy!! You guys are just awesome!!!!!!!!

LOL @ the Children Of The Corn!!!

"Malachi....he wants you too, Malachi!!"

Remember that part of the movie? Hahah!

Tracy said...

That is beautiful! You guys are creating such great memories for your kids!

He And Me + 3 said...

That story was funny. Gotta love small towns. I used to live in one like that:)
Great pictures, I love the one of Cory & Zoe. Too precious... you totally have to blow that one up and frame it. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of Corey and Zoe!! Can't wait to see more:) Joye H

Stephanie said...

I love the picture of zoe and her daddy!

Falls Park kinda resembles home,don't ya think?

Cool teepee too!!! Continue to have a wonderful time...try to get used to the time change and have a safe drive!

Jennifer said...

Wow, great pictures... I love them all Zoe is just a natural in front of the camera.. I got tickle at your small town story and I am sure y'all had a good laugh about it too... Can't wait until you can blog again so we can see this part of the trip... by the way beautiful view from your room but 5am that is just CRAZY... love the room I have not seen one that looks like that yet.. it must be a new hotel...Continue makeing memories with the kids and have a safe, fun, healthy trip!!!!!!!!

Diana Sheriff said...

I love the black and white of Corey and Zoe...sweet!! And Children of the Corn used to give me nightmares...don't blame you for turning around! :)

McCrakensx4 said...

Those pictures are awesome!!! You are doing a great job of keeping us updated with great posts! And I love that your kiddos are obliging too all of those great photo opps! And it is always sunny here in AZ!! Well, 5am sunny!! Have a safe trip; can't wait for more!

jkstrib said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pic of Corey and Zoe. SO sweet! Looks like you are having loads of fun. Can't wait to see more pictures!

Rhonda said...

The $1 dress looks precious!! ;) And the hotel room is AWESOME JG!!!! Hope you're having a great time...sure you are...we want to see some pics of YOU next time!! lol

Melissa said...

Those r sum awsome pictures... How come u r not n ne of them lol well it looks like ya'll r having a GREAT time.... continue having fun.. :)