Thursday, July 2, 2009

From one end of SD to the other

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We left Sioux Falls heading to Custer State Park 6 hours away. Along the way we stopped at some MUST So get ready to travel across the state of South Dakota!
First stop was The Corn Palace in Mitchell. The outside is made completely out of corn. They change the design every year.

We stopped at a rest area a couple of hours after the Corn Palace and found this awesome view! Wondering how I took our family picture? Take a guess.

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I have NEVER seen anything so beautiful. It almost didn't look real. This was taken from the car as we were traveling along.

This tee pee was at a gas station. The roads were all paved when you got off the interstate but they turned to gravel.

We were on the way to the Badlands when we ran up on the Prairie Ranch. Of course we had to stop. Guess what? You got to feed the prairie dogs! They were not in a cage or anything. This is their natural habitat. The kids were loving it. They scared me a little.Kind of reminds me of

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I have to say the Badlands just took our breathe away. Oh only our glorious God could make such a beautiful place. It was so hot there too. I thought I was in a desert. You have to watch out for prairie rattlesnakes so we were all being very cautious.

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Now I have been told you can not go to SD and not stop at the world famous Wall Drug Store. It started many years ago as a small place and has grown into a huge tourist attraction. When it first started they thought of a way to draw people in. They put signs on the road saying "free ice water".Well it worked because everyone started stopping there.

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Our first buffalo burger. It tasted a little dry to me but Corey liked it. Wall Drug has anything and everything you could imagine.So we decided to eat lunch there too.

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Finally after many hours we arrived in Custer State Park.We were not in the park 10 minutes and started seeing the wildlife. All animals have the right of way so you just gotta stop and wait for them to move.

mountain goats

( It is against the law to feed them so they are not looking for food.They keep licking the

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Instead of tent camping ( they have mountain lions and it gets cold at night) we rented a camping cabin. The only thing in it is beds but we liked it.

deer beside our cabin

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I have so much blogging to do. In Custer I did not have interent and half the time no signal on my cell. We are in Omaha,NE now and I am trying to catch up. I was goign through Hopefully I will post everyday.When I get home I am gonna TRY to catch up on all of your blogs.I wanna know whats going on the ya!


Diana Sheriff said...

Yeah I'm the first to comment! :) We've missed your blogs and knew you must be having a blast! I love the pics...especially the one of Corey on the Jackalope/Bunny statue. Continue to be careful and enjoy yourselves!!

Stephanie said...

What cool pictures!!! MIss you around here...welcome back :)

Rhonda said...

WE MISS YOU GUYS!!!! :) :)
So good to hear from you finally....

I agree with Diana...Corey on the Jackalope? is the best.

I vote that you put the camera on the car and set the I right??

Glad to see you in the pics this time. :)

You guys look like you're really having a good trip - glad this one has been "event-less" for you!

Can't wait to see you and hear all about it!

Alicia said...

I loved all the pictures, Stacy!!!! And of course, reading about them too!!

What a great trip!!!!! And I love that cabin! Now, that would be my kind of camping!!!

Tracy said...

Love all the pics! SO beautiful!
Glad you are back on your blog, I was beginning to get worried!
Take care!

Griffin's # 1 fan said...

The pics were beautiful, looks like yall had a blast!

jkstrib said...

I have missed the Cotheran adventures too. So glad you are back! Looks like a great trip. Be safe.

Summer Laney said...

Glad you finally made it in some pics. My vote is with Rhonda on the family shots!!

Looks like you guys are having a great time. Can't wait for you guys to get back:)