Friday, July 3, 2009

Exploring Custer State Park

Saturday morning we decided to stay inside the park and just explore. This is a huge area and going just a few miles takes a while. It is very hilly and a lot of sharp turns. But the drive was beautiful.

This is some of the buffalo on the Wildlife Loop Road. This is the road where most of the animals are suppose to be.

Pronghorn Antelopes are every where

We found this cave on the Needles Highway. It was very cool and they ran right inside it.I was afraid an animal was living in

Posted by PicasaNoah did a little rock climbing

While Kain stayed on the ground looking in the creek

We drove through a few one lane tunnels carved out of the mountain

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This is why it's called the Needles Highway

Sylvan Lake was just beautiful

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We found this little passage on a trail at the lake.

He is King of the World

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Kain is getting to be a pretty good photographer.

We then rode to see Crazy Horse. It is still a work in progress.

I found a lot of good reviews for this little pie shop in Custer so we tried it out. YUMMY is all I can say! 2 thumbs up!

Apple pie

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peanut butter pie

This was a Fort with some of the original homesteads on it.

We were told that the Elk are very shy and you rarely see them during the day. Corey was sitting on our porch and saw something way up on the mountain. He got my zoom lens and this is what he saw.

Not one but two Elk!

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The Park Rangers had different things laid out for the kids to look at.

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We finished up our day at the park.

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You can definitely spend a week exploring the park. We had a great day just hanging out and doing what we wanted. It was nice just relaxing and not having to be anywhere. Corey barely wore his watch because we didn't need to know what time it was:


McCrakensx4 said...

I just read thru all of your vaca posts and Wow!!!! Looks like so much fun! Love the cabin, too cute! And all of the scenery and wildlife is amazing! Looks like you are having a fantastic vacation!

Tracy said...

That is so beautiful it might be wortht he 25 hour drive!

jkstrib said...

WOW! Our God is AWESOME! You are so right, only He could create such beauty. This is a trip you will never forget. Great memories in the making! Happy 4th!

He And Me + 3 said...

What fun! That was some beautiful scenery. Great pictures...but scary road ways. Yikes one lane through a tunnel? Scary!

Summer Laney said...

It is so beautiful out there. Brandon had great pics like yours when he went to Montana!