Friday, July 3, 2009

Caves and Digs

Sunday morning we got up and headed out for some fun adventures. We saw these prairies dogs and antelope as we were leaving the park.

Wind Cave National Park

The kids and I with some buffalo in the background.

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We decided to go on a cave tour since we were in Wind Cave National Park. Kain and I were a little scared but once we got in we LOVED it! We walked over 300 steps down to get in the cave.We were 190 feet underground and we went 1/2 mile into the cave.The tour lasted a hour and a half. This cave doesn't look like other ones.It has box work instead of the pointy things(sorry can't remember the name). It was really beautiful.

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This is the box work I was talking about.

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Zoe even has to pose 190 feet underground

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We found a nice little park and had a picnic before we headed to our next stop. The boys have played football at every Notice Noah's tongue sticking out? He has been doing that a lot lately.

The kids have been waiting to go to The Mammoth Site since I told them about it. Years ago they were clearing land to build houses when the found some bones. Turns out it was mammoths and some other animals. Every summer scientists from around the world come to do more research.It was really neat to see. We signed the kids up for Jr.Paleontologists program where they were able to do a dig and identify the bones they found. They thought this was the best thing ever!

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Official Jr.Paleontologists

We saw some more buffalo and a coyote on the way home from our very busy day!

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Diana Sheriff said...

Very cool! I love the Jr. Paleontologist fun that must have been!

Stephanie said...

That is sooo cool! The cave looks awesome and it's so neat that the kids got to see the mammoth site! What an awesome vacation.

He And Me + 3 said...

What a very neat time. I love the picture of Zoe with the bone as big as her. Cracking me up. I am sure they loved digging and finding bones.

Tracy said...

My boys loved the pics! They want to go with you!