Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend catch up

It seems like every weekend our days are completely filled up. But that's the way we like it. It doesn't seem like summer is almost over but sadly it is. We start school in 2 weeks. So we are going to enjoy all these jammed packed days:)

Saturday Zoe was invited to her friend's birthday party at the skating rink. And since Corey was working the boys went along with us. They all love skating and cake so it was a great time.

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Sunday night at church the group Lordsong performed a great concert. Then we all went to the Harrison's to celebrate Tracy and Summer L birthdays! The kids got to swim and eat cookie cake! They were pretty excited that they had cake twice over the weekend.

Monday is our pool day but we decided to do something different today. We headed to Barnet park and let them play in the fountains. Zoe brought a long her tea set for the girls to play with.Well the boys took that over really I think by the end the boys were saying they would like to have a Batman tea set. Um wonder if they have those?

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After an eventful time getting signs for the upcoming consignment sale, we all headed to my house. Next thing we know all the girls start parading through the living room with Zoe's clothes on. They were all playing dress up and looked oh so cute!

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I got such great response from doing this little cuties pictures.That I decided to start another blog just for my pictures:) If you would like to look you can click here.

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Rhonda said...

Fun times!! :) I'm gonna be on the lookout for that Batman tea set! Lets just get them all a set and then get the boys some of those "dream catchers" they loved playing with too!! LOL

Summer said...

What fun would weekends be if they weren't packed full!!! I don't think the people at the sign store will ever forget us...hope they haven't noticed the chair---for Brynn's sake at least!!

He & Me + 3 said...

You are always on the go. My kids want to be a part of your family. :) I will head over to look at your picture blog.