Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fishing, Panning and Burros?

On Monday we stayed in the park and let the kids pick what they wanted to do. They wanted to fish and fishing is what they did!
{ OK if my kids seem to be wearing the same clothes in a lot of these post they They wore their bathing suits a lot. And Zoe is in love with her blue cherry dress and I am not fighting with her about wearing!}

I left to go to laundry ( yes moms still have to work on vacation) and left Corey with my camera.Glad I did because Kain caught this trout all by himself:)

Then daddy caught this fish and Kain took his pic. It's a really good picture taken by my son!

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Zoe took the picture above and below.

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The kids got to pan for gold and get all wet. The park had different programs that you could participate in. They found a few jewels and fools gold but you are not allowed to removed anything from the park.

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After we were through trying to strike it rich.We went and did a little swimming in that beautiful lake you saw on the other post. I think of lake water and say gross but this water was crystal clear.

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We grabbed some ice cream and asked wanted they (kids) wanted to do now. Guess what? More fishing! Corey was gonna get some good use out of his 1 day SD fishing licences that costs $20.

I was surprised that Noah knew how to bait his on hook.

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While we were fishing a herd of mountains goats came out of no where. Kain had to run away because they were right beside him. And these goats were being crazy jumping all around and hitting each other.

Noah finally caught a fish and was VERY proud of it:)

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Zoe was upset because she didn't catch a fish. She didn't understand that you have to leave the pole in the water!

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Remember those mountain goats from a few many minutes ago? Well Corey was shutting our trunk and one came up on him. He jumped in the car and left his family(me and the kids) outside to fight the goats That goat was after him though and I was laughing so!

We finally saw the wild burros a.k.a. donkeys on the Wildlife Loop. They are the only animals you are allowed to feed.

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There was one burro by himself and Noah wanted to give him some food. But he was not very social.

When we got back Corey cooked us some saugage dogs..yum yum!

Posted by PicasaZoe had been trying to catch a rabbit to bring home since we got here.

Then of course we had to have some s'mores!

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Diana Sheriff said...

What fun! I love the one of Zoe chillin' in the grass laying down fishing! That's my kind of fishing! :)

He And Me + 3 said...

Poor Zoe with the fishing drama. Looks like she got over it quickly. That was so sweet.
Yum to the smores.
You all know how to vacation. What fun for everyone. I would love to pan for gold and treasures. :)

jkstrib said...

Great pics! You are such a good photographer. I'm with Ms. Joye, I want to be adopted!

Stephanie said...

You guys have the coolest vacations!!!!! I love the picture of Zoe laying in the grass with the fishing pole sticking up...that one needs to be framed!

Summer Laney said...

You ALWAYS get the best pics!