Saturday, October 17, 2009


Last night Zoe and I had a girls night out. We went to Evangel Cathedral and saw Casting Crowns with Matt Redman!! Zoe was super excited about seeing them since she sings their songs all the time. I let her pick where she wanted to eat and of course she picked Zaxby's. Then we headed on over to get in line,and that was the part she did not like. She didn't understand why you had to wait in line! After we finally got in and found a really good seat she was happy. She asked "Is it gonna be real people?" I wish I would have got a picture of her face when they came on stage! She was just It was an awesome time,we sang,she danced and we worshiped the Lord together!

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Zoe fell asleep about 10pm and slept through the rest of the concert. She must be a hard sleeper because it was LOUD!!!


Alicia said...

What a perfect GNO!!!!

She looks ADORABLE with her little purse! I love the one of you together too!! Very nice!

I can imagine the concert!!!!!!! I love their songs!!!!!!

He & Me + 3 said...

How fun that you got to worship the Lord with your daughter...what a blessing. So glad it was fun & I am so jealous. What a great concert to go see!

Shay said...

1)Zoe is SO cute!
2)I love casting crowns!!!!!
3)Im glad you had a blast together, what a blessing!

God is Good!

McCrakensx4 said...

What a great thing for a GNO with your Zoe!!! I bet she had a time to remember and too funny that she fell asleep before it ended! The pic of the 2 of you is so beautiful!

Lisa said...

WOW - Lucky girls to be able to go see Casting Crowns!! I wanted to see them when they come here in a week or two, but didn't have the funds. They put on an excellent concert!! So happy to hear you both had fun!!

Rhonda said...

Oh, your hair looks so long and pretty in that pic!! :)