Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another first,

Last night was the FIRST time Zoe has spent the night anywhere{well except grandma and pop}! She was invited to a slumber party for her friend H's birthday. That is all she has talked about for 2 weeks.Zoe has been counting down the days this week and even packed her bag on Thursday. I had to remind her that she would still need her toothbrush on Friday morning:)It doesn't seem like she should be old enough for a sleep over!I pick her up at 9:00 this morning so we will see how it went. Hopefully I do not get a 3 am call saying Zoe wants to go

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On another note,does this picture look blurry to you? All of pics look blurry when I upload them to blogger. Just wondering if it's my computer or what.

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Alicia said...

Awww!! Look at your big girl! She looks so mature in this picture!!! It's so hard that very first time they are away with anyone besides family.

And no, no blurry pics on my end. They are always beautiful and perfect!