Saturday, November 28, 2009

What a week!

It has been so busy in the Cotheran house that I just couldn't find time to blog {gasp}! But don't worry I am gonna get you all caught

Monday- we stayed in our pj's all day and watched movies while snuggling on the couch! We had the WHOLE week off from school!

Tuesday- well since we laid around all day Monday we { I } had a lot of cleaning to do before the Thanksgiving dinner I was hosting on Wednesday! I also made my peanut butter pie and pumpkin pie that night. And no, I didn't take a picture of it! I did not do any picture taking at all on Thanksgiving!

Wednesday- I cooked ALL day long! My side of the family was coming and I had 16 people to cook for! I cooked ham,turkey,dressing,macaroni pie,yams,mashed potatoes,deviled eggs,
and rolls. Plus we had the pies I had made on Tuesday! Our dinner turned out great and we were completely stuffed:)

Thursday- We always go to Corey's granny's house for lunch on Thanksgiving and it was awesome as usual! Then we stayed at my in-laws house for the rest of the day. My s-i-l and I went shopping at a few stores since I couldn't wait for Black Friday! After dinner at the in-laws they{Corey and the kids} went home and I went to pick up Melissa to go shopping {stand in line}. So at 9:45 pm we were in line at Toys R Us,which didn't open till midnight!

Friday- we shopped and shopped and shopped some more! We had left Thursday at 9:30pm and I pulled back in my house around noon on Friday! My car was completely pull with all of those good sales! Thankfully my sweet hubby let me go to sleep:) When I woke from my 2 hour nap we took the kids to grandma's so Corey and I could do some more shopping. I think I am finally through with my Christmas Now I just have to shop for birthday presents!

Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!


McCrakensx4 said...

Wow...what a fun week! Sorry I have been is still down :(. I went out Friday morn, but you are braver than I...Friday sleepy! Glad you got so many good deals!

Stephanie said...

I'm so behind too! Glad you had a good week...I was shopping around on Friday too. Didn't hit Toys R Us until about 6 though...went to Old Navy at 3 and that was our first stop. By the time we got to Toys R Us they still had everything and lines were cleared out pretty much. Glad you got everything done....Black Friday is SO fun!