Friday, February 12, 2010

More snow, really?

Were they really calling for snow again? Yes, I heard it on the news that morning,but I really didn't believe it.I mean we have had snow/ice twice already,and that is just unheard of in the south. The kids were out of school for a teacher workday and we stayed in relaxing all day.We were laying down watching a movie when Noah jumped up and started screaming "It's snowing!" So of course we all get up ,and look outside.Sure enough big beautiful snowflakes are falling! Of course I hadn't gone to the grocery store and we really did need food in the house.When Corey got home we headed out to the store.Now this was real snow,not that ice mess! It was fluffy and so beautiful!Of course the kids couldn't wait to play in it.




I guess we will have to wait and see if we get anymore this winter.

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Katie said...

I love those snow pics!!! And that's some mighty big snowflakes!!