Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's at school

I was feeling a little sad the day of school parties. I was only going to Noah and Zoe's this year. I have learned that it is just not cool for moms to come to the intermediate school,or so I was told by my eldest son.I had thought about going anyway but I didn't want to mortify him in front of the cool kids:)

I have learned over the years of going to school functions that as your child gets older the less parents participate in things.So I was quite surprised when I went in Zoe's class and I was the only parent there. Usually all parents come when your child is in kindergarten. I know parents were invited because the teacher sent home a note saying "Hope to see you at the party".I am just thankful that I am able to come and see her smile when I walk in the door.


Noah was just as excited to see me. I better enjoy that while I can! Before long it will be uncool to be seen with his mom!


Kain didn't give many details about his party but he did say they were given Coke! I thought to myself "You know your child is growing up when they get Coke instead of juice boxes"!

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