Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Valentine

Corey was off on Monday for President's Day so he took me to work that day. Little did I know he had a wonderful day planned.He picked me up from work and we went to Olive Garden for a delicious lunch.

After lunch we went to see Dear John. Let me just say I was sooo disappointment in this movie! The book is one of my all time favs and the movie just didn't do it for me.They changed things all around,added some stuff and it was just too drawn out! But oh well, at least I was spending time with my hubby!

Then we went and did some shopping before getting my car worked on.On the way home we stopped at Carrabba's for dessert!

This is the Chocolate Dream and it is so YUMMY!!!

I had a wonderful day with my sweetheart, thank you honey!


Alicia said...

Gosh, after reading your status on FB, it really makes me doubt watching it. I know that the books are always better, and if you enjoyed it as much as I did, then I'm sure I will be disappointed too!! Ugh!!

But, other than that. What a great date with your husband. That dessert looks off the hook!!!!!! YUM!

He & Me + 3 said...

You do have a sweet man there. How fun!