Friday, May 21, 2010

Awana Awards

Wednesday night was our last night of Awana’s until the fall. This was Zoe’s first year as a Spark and she had so much fun! She was able to finish her first book! Way to go Zoe! Noah is in TNT and their books are harder.There was only a few to finish their book and he was the only 3rd grade boy! I am so PROUD of Noah for finishing his book! I know he had to work extra hard to complete it. They both worked really hard to remember their verses. I love how they get to learn the Word while having a great time:)









Alicia said...

Our Awana at church just ended for the year. I wish my little ones did it this year, but it's too hard to drive there every Wednesday night! But, at least I got to experience it with my older

Yes, T&T is hard!!

Jules said...

Those are fun times. I still have my daughter's vest and all her little awards...

McCrakensx4 said...

How fun! We don't have that at our church...bummer! Great times learning about awesome things! Love the bow in Zoe's hair!

Stephanie said...

How fun!!! They all look so proud of themselves :)