Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kain & Noah's Award's Day

Thursday was awards day for Kain and Noah. It was at 2 different schools and the SAME time! I do not like missing anything that involves the kids and school,but there was just no way around it. Grandma went to awards with Noah and I went with Kain. This was the first time Kain had wanted me to come inside his school! Boy was his awards long. There are over 500 5th graders so it took a while to call out names. We left near the end so we could hurry over to Noah’s school. Both boys have worked so hard this year and even with us switching schools they still did awesome!!! We are so thankful to have such great kids:) So now I have a rising 6th grader ( that is so hard to type) and a rising 4th grader. Another year has flown by!





Beth said...

How exciting! It's such a blessing to have others recognize, and award, our children. Feels like confirmation of us as parents! :) Good going Mom ... and kids!

Alicia said...

Aww!! I bet it was hard for you to miss one of the boys events!! Wow, 500 5th graders???????

McCrakensx4 said...

Congrats to the boys..I know you are proud of their accomplishments!

Stephanie said...

I hate when things are at the same time! Luckily we haven't had that much yet though i'm sure it will come. I have no idea what I will do then-start stashing video cameras in corners I guess.

End of the year parties next week are scheduled for the same time so it will be interesting.

I can't believe how quickly the year goes by while you're in the middle of it it seems like it's taking forever.

He & Me + 3 said...

You have some smart kids. You should be so proud. Great job Boys! Keep it up.