Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Noah!!

Today is my middle child's birthday. Yes I know it seems I have one (birthday not kid)every week. He is now 8 years old. He is the one that keeps us on our toes. There are so many stories I could tell about Noah but I really don't have the time to write them all down. So here are my top 8 things/stories about Noah. Get ready to laugh...

1. Noah cried from the moment he was born till he was about 11 months old. I took him to the doctor many times and cried right there with him. They said he was over stimulated. His brain could not catch up to his body. He was crawling at 6 months and running by the end of his ninth month. He is always on the go.

2. Noah loves to make silly faces and get you to laugh no matter what.

3. Noah was/is kinda like Dennis the Menace. Once Corey had bought me some really nice perfume. Well I went to put some on and it look really funny. So I decided it smell it. You will never guess what it was...urine!!! Yes I said pee-pee. Noah had poured out my perfume and peed in the bottle and put it back on the shelf!!! He was 3 years old!

4. Noah gets up in the middle of the night and eats a lot! I promise we feed him. We have had to put a lock on the cabinets. So now he digs in the freeze. A couple of weeks ago he ate a WHOLE box of FROZEN toaster strudels!!!

5. Noah loves to snuggle early in the morning before anyone gets up. He comes to my bed and squeezes in on the side.I really don't know how he doesn't fall off. I mean he is on the edge on the bed. He waits for his daddy to get up for work then he sneaks in. I love those times!

6. Noah has great handwriting or at least I think he does. Especially for a boy. He loves school and doesn't want to miss a day. Which I am so thankful for!!

7. Noah never sleeps and I'm not kidding either. He has had a sleep study done. They said he never gets in to the deep sleep. He has to take medicine to even fall asleep then he only sleeps for about 4 hours. Then he roams through the house all night. They(his ADHD DR) said to put a screen door on his bedroom. Well I might be from that south but that is even too redneck for me!

8. Noah is very caring, he loves to read, and he loves cleaning house. He will make some woman very happy one day! He is sweet, silly ,loving, hyper, and strong-willed. He is very athletic and can learn to do anything in a matter of minutes! We love Noah so much!

Happy 8th Birthday Noah! We love you so much.

Daddy,Mama,Kain and Zoe

The day Noah was born
7lbs 8ozs

We were shocked by the black hair.

I love those big brown eyes

I never thought we were gonna get rid of the paci.

Oh and it had to be this same brand.

This was Noah's first beach trip.

If I remember correctly a wave splashed him in the face.

He was 8 months when he started trying to walk.

He was running time he was 10 months and he hasn't stopped yet.

Always a goofy smile

He defintely did need a hard hat

His 2nd birthday and yes he was skating with no help

He loves being goofy

This was at one of my family days at my hubby's work

Fishing with Daddy at the grandparents lake house at Wateree

Posted by PicasaI just love him so much!


Lisa said...

What sweet sweet pictures and I personally amd kinda partial to kids that love to be silly.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH!! Hope you have a great day buddy.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Noah, Happy Birthday to YOU!!!! You are a fine young man! I have enjoyed having you in choir and your mom is do make people laugh:) I know that you will have a fun day! Eats lot of cake for me... Love, Ms. Joye

Liz said...

He is SOOO cute. Happy Birthday Noah. I love the pictures through the years. What a wonderful tribute to him. My #2 is a silly guy to....I love silly/goofy guys...esp that picture of the funny face..hilarious!

Jennifer said...

Happy B'day Noah!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day...

It must be the middle child-mine gets up and raves the cabinets at night, doesn't sleep and can be the funniest and the sweetest...

PS my older to boys are the same way w/ b'day the first is 9/10 and the middle is 9/22 and they are 2 yrs apart too...

Davisix said...

Love these pics! They put a huge smile on my face!! And thank you for the kind words this morning...they helped more than you know. xoxo Ang

Kim said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH!!! I loved reading about him! What a great kid. I see a lot of him in Nathan... the on the go, can't stay still, running by 9 months. I wonder if he'll be more like Noah as he gets older. I'm just thankful I don't wear perfume!!! How hilarious - I'm sure it wasn't back then though! You have such great kids!

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh......the pee pee perfume was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh..what a smarty pants!!!!! I can imagine that he's the one that keeps you on your toes!!!

Happy Birthday Noah!!!!!!!!

He And Me + 3 said...

Those were great pictures and the list of 8 was great too. He is a hoot. Gotta love those middle children. Mine is just as silly. The faces they can make sometimes...kills me. I LOL at the cross eyed picture. Too cute!
Happy Birthday to Noah!

Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday Noah!! Your kids are so funny...each of them has such a distinct personality! Are you done with birthdays now, until next December? ;)

S. said...

Happy (Belated) Birthday Noah!

Stacy, this is so great! Wow time flies! Give him a hug!