Thursday, May 21, 2009

Awana Awards

Sunday night we had Awana awards.So I just stayed at the church when we got back from our WOJ trip. I worked with the Cubbies this year and had some awesome teachers helping:) This is Zoe's last year in Cubbies.She will be moving up to the "big" kids.

Noah was moving around so mom could get a picture of him. At least he isn't too grown up to have his mommy take pictures of him.He is leaving Sparks and moving up to TNT.

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Kain kept turning his head so I couldn't get his face.But I got this one while he was saying a Bible verse. I think I made him nervous. This was his last year in Awana {gulp} he is moving to pre-teen:(

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So you have probably been wondering where I have been all week. I started getting sick on Monday and have felt yucky all week. I am feeling better today though. Corey is back working 5 days a week now ,praise the Lord! Noah is gone on a field trip today to the Swim Center. Kain is enjoying the end of year 4th grade festivities. Next week we are going to be so busy. I will be very happy when school is finally out. So do you have any plans for the Memorial Day weekend?


jkstrib said...

I have been wondering where you were. Glad you are feeling better. No plans for Memorial Day...just yard work. ;(

Jennifer said...

They did such a great job. Thank you for all that you do in Awana's.... Big year for you with all of them moving up. Glad you are feeling better and Cory is on 5 days again... Memorial day we are going to my friend Tammy (yeah she is still my bf even though she doesn't go to church w/ and cooking out... What about y'all?

He And Me + 3 said...

wow, all your kids are moving up this year at church. How bitter sweet. They grow up so fast. sorry you are not feeling good. Get better soon.
PTL for work.
No plans for us. chill out and lay low. I love those days.

Alicia said...

Love Awana!!!!!

I have been wondering where you've been!!! I hope you start to feel 100% soon, especially since you'll have all the kids home soon!! :)


McCrakensx4 said...

Being a sick mom is no fun...hope you are back to your normal self soon! I wish our church had something like that! Those kiddos should be proud; GREAT job!