Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sweet Sunday

My house is so quite right now.I almost don't know how to act. Corey is gone out with some friends to a concert(Skillet and Disciples).The kids are at their Grandma and Pop's for the night. So it's just me, Lucy(the dog) and my laptop. This weekend was crazy having 5 got to work again today so I was in charge of getting everyone ready for church. I got everyone into their SS classes on time. We have been talking about our love language in my Sunday school class. Now that I think about it,it is so true. My love language is quality time and acts of service.That is so me! After church we went to Granny's for a nice Sunday lunch.These kids are a bottomless pits! After lunch we walked up to grandma and pop's and they were starving already. So they sliced up a juicy watermelon.They about ate a whole one by

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We had our SS social at the very gracious Harrison's today. I still went minus the kids and There were so many kids I don't think anyone notice mine were not there. I had a great time being able to socialize without worrying about the kids. Does that sound too bad? Just please do NOT let my kids know that the Harrison's have a water park in their back yard! They might be a little mad at me for not insisting they come:)

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Alicia said...

LOL..your kids missed out on that!

But, I'm sure they're having fun at the grandparents!!

Oh my gosh, I totally know how you feel, Stacy! I didn't have to go camping w/ the family because Danny still had a cough!

I got sooooooo much stuff done. I got rid of 2 1/2 bags of clothes, did all my laundry, and just enjoyed it being super, super quiet!

Well, now they're all home, and it seems like they never left! I have two baskets of laundry to do AGAIN!!

So, enjoy your quiet time, girl!!!!! It will end before you know it!

McCrakensx4 said...

I bet being at their grandparents was wwaaayyy better than some silly old water park! Well maybe not...but it was nice for you! I feel lost when the boys and Ryan aren't around! Have a good week, and oh that watermelon looked so yummy! We are slicing one up tomorrow for our BBQ!

He And Me + 3 said...

My kids are staying at Non and papa's tonight so we had a date. Lucky you though all alone. Quiet time is very rare around here.
That water park was pretty cool...I hope they don't read your blog. LOL

Stephanie said...

That water ride looked really fun! Enjoy your time :)