Saturday, August 1, 2009

Charleston Day 1

My friend was giving away a free hotel room to Charleston and since my M-I-L's birthday was this weekend,I couldn't pass it up! So the kids,grandma and I headed down to the low country on Wednesday. Our first stop was Cypress Gardens. Everything there is just beautiful from the butterfly house, to the animals and then of course all the cypress trees!

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Today is my MIL birthday!! Happy Birthday!!!!!

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As soon as we got into our room Kain headed for the

We were only a block or two from the market so we were going to check it out. We walked out of the hotel and if you know the sidewalks in Charleston they are all uneven. Well my MIL tripped and I think she might have broke her ankle. Yeah it was really swollen and turning blue. But she kept on going! You know when I go on vacation someone has to get hurt.

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We went and walked around the Battery and the kids climbed on all the statues. The breeze was so nice that I could have stayed out there all evening. We saw a few dolphins playing around in the bay too.

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We took grandma back to the hotel and we walked to the fountain so they kids could play in it. The kids were freezing but still kept playing.
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They finally decided they were cold enough and we went in. We were all tired from being on the go all day and it was so humid! But our first day was great besides grandma's ankle!


Jennifer said...

I just want to take you on vacation w/ me so you can take my pictures, they are all sooooo good... I am sorry to hear about your MIL ankle I hope she is feeling better... I am headed to Charleston in an hr for a wedding tomorrow.. I think this time instead of shopping I want to walk to the battery and water.. Hopefully the girl I am going with feels the

McCrakensx4 said...

I hope grandma's ankle is ok...ouch! What a fun get away and your pictures are great! Love the fountain cool! Looks like so much fun!

Alicia said...

Stacy...your photography skills are off the hook!!!! I always enjoy your pictures!!!!!!! You are a natural!!! I loved them all!!

How is your mil doing????? Poor thing! What a strong woman for her to keep on walking!!!!!

Stephanie said...

Is her ankle okay now? Hope it wasn't broke!!!

Your have gorgeous pics..have you gotten a new camera?

Summer said...

Still can't believe you let your kids go in the fountain with clothes on!!

He & Me + 3 said...

I hope that your MIL is ok. Ouch. Happy Birthday to her too! I love all the pictures, but I love the fountain picture the absolute best.