Friday, August 7, 2009

Shipwreck Cove after hours

I do believe we found the best kept secret in Spartanburg, well I guess it's really Duncan. I have my nieces for 2 nights so I decided to take them to Shipwreck Cove water park. We went in the evening which is cheaper and oh so much fun! There were only about 30 people there and we were 10 of them:) Hopefully we can go back soon.

See I wasn't lying there was no one there!!!

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This is the gang!

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This is what they looked like at 10 o'clock!


Tracy said...

Looks like fun! SOrry we missed it (again!).
I wonder if it is possible for Karson NOT to pose????? So cute!

He & Me + 3 said...

What fun. you can't go wrong with water fun! I would have loved being their with no crowd.

Stephanie said...

Fun!!! Water parks always wear you out!

Summer said...

Did you really stay until 10??

I with Tracy--if Karson didn't pose in every picture I would think she was

Glad you guys had fun!! Sorry we missed put.

Summer Martin said...

NO it is not possible for her to not pose!!! If you could have only seen her shaking her booty all over that water park because they had the music blasting. We had so much fun and yes we stayed until 10pm!!

Alicia said...

Oh my fun!!!!!!!!! You picked the perfect time to go!

Keisha said...

ohh.. FUN! I love waterparks.. and even better.. empty waterparks! LOL!