Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pastor's Campout

Last night all 3 of my boys went to the Pastor's camp out.Corey and Kain went last year but it started storming and they didn't stay all night. This was Noah's first time going and everyone (including daddy) said they loved it! They get to do all that boy stuff without mama there telling them to be We have awesome Pastors that enjoy getting dirty with the kids:) Everyone came home stinky and sweaty but with lots of stories to tell.
( Oh and wanna know who took all these pictures? My wonderful hubby! He knew I wanted pictures so bad that he took my camera with the flower strap.One of the many reasons I love him.)

They were excited that they were able to ride in the back of the truck

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shooting the bow

A little fishing

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Our wonderful pastor D.J. with all the boys

cooking their dinner over the open flames

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I was told from my kids that we are to call our other pastor (the one in the middle) Cookie the

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Noah did not want to hold his fish that he caught. Guess that's what dads are

Kain caught a nice on too.

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And since I still had my 2 nieces we had a girls night out! The 4 of us headed to Christian Supply to pick up some books. Then went to the Olive Garden for a delicious meal. We happened to run in to one of my friends and some how we ended up at Chuck E Cheese.Since we had already ate we just played for almost 3 hours! Time we got home at 10 pm we were ready for bed!


McCrakensx4 said...

Those are great pictures! Good job Corey and great memories for sure! so what did you and Zoe do?! Girls night in?!

Alicia said...

Now I see that photography skills don't stop at you and Zoe!!! That is so sweet that your husband took time to take those pictures for you!!!

LOL @ Noah's face w/ the fish! Priceless!

It's funny because your church does so many similar things as also. We also have the father/son campout, but this year they did family camp.

Sounds like you had a wonderful night too!!!

Stephanie said...

That is soo cool! I'm so proud of Corey for taking those pics...especially while sporting a flower strap :)

I don't blame Noah..I wouldn't have held that fish either :)

Rhonda said...

Cookie the cook.....I like it! :) I'll see if he answers to it tomorrow. :)

He & Me + 3 said...

You have an awesome sweet hubs to take such a great pictures and so many for you. Mine would have taken the camera and taken like 2 blurry ones. LOL Corey did a great job!
Glad the girls had fun as well!

Theta Mom said...

Great pictures! What fun the kids had. You can totally see it on their faces!

Leigh said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! I wish our church did something like that! AWESOME and YAY, COREY!! It takes a real man to be comfortable wearing a flowery camera strap to an all-boys campout!