Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Red,White and Blue

The holiday spirit was in the air Sunday with everyone’s campers and golf carts decorated. Of course I bought stuff to decorate,but left it at home. I cooked pancakes for breakfast and they were yummy. After we got cleaned up we went to a worship service led by the youth group that is here. This is the same group from downtown yesterday. It was a really great service!

The kids swam all afternoon and there was even a pool party. They played corn hole,limbo,hula hoop contest and so much more. We finally made it back to the camper for dinner and a little rest before the HUGE block party that evening. That same youth group hosted this main event. Everything was free and of course that's what brought everyone in . The kids filled up on all that free carnival food,but my favorite was the skits. They were so bold,but really spoke the truth! They were AWESOME! To end the night the kids did a little night swimming.

( This is the Jumping Pillow. It is a mix of a trampoline and a bounce house. The said it was GREAT! )

July 4

July 41

July 42

Pool Party!!!!!

July 43

July 44

Water Balloons!!! Thankfully I was holding my camera and the kids knew better:)

July 45

block party time!

July 46

July 47

July 48

July 49

July 410

This was a great skit preformed to a Casting Crowns song. It was talking about “setting me free from these chains”. I can’t think of the song title,but it was very good.

July 411

July 412

Nothing like some late evening/night swimming!

July 413


McCrakensx4 said...

Wow. Great pictures. Looks like a super fun time! Lots to do and the weather looks wonderful. So Glad you had a good time.

Shay said...

The jumpy thing looks awesome! great pictures!

Stephanie said...

So cool they are having these free parties for them - that's awesome!

I love when we do water balloons and I always have my camera - I don't have to get plastered :)