Monday, July 5, 2010

Super Saturday

I was the first one up on Saturday. I was very surprised when I looked at my phone and it said 9am! On another note, I have NO cell phone service here. It’s not like we are across the country (even though it did work last summer in South Dakota) or something. We are only 2 hours from home in NC! Anyway, getting back to our Saturday. The recreation team here at the campground had tons of stuff planned since it the weekend of the 4Th.

They made patriot bracelets.

July 3

They played a life size game of chess.


This was the first time any of us had made tie dyed t-shirts. They kids had a blast and got some cool designs!


In between each activity the kids would jump in the pool

to cool off.

July 35

We would never miss an ice cream social:)


They took part in the KOA ducky derby. Guess who won first place? Madison!!! She won a wristband that gave her free admission to the jump pillow (you can see that tomorrow) and putt putt!!

July 31

Later in the evening we rode into downtown. There happen to be a free block party put on by the youth from Rome,GA. It was a great way to reach people and spread the Good News.

July 32

These are just some random shots from the day. I will say that homemade cinnamon roll was the best I have EVER had!

July 34

Our last activity of the night was a flash light candy hunt. It is fun,but really what parent wants their kids to have candy at 9:30?

Is it time for bed yet? I am beat!


Finally a picture of me:)



Stephanie said...

How fun! That chess game is awesome - I've never seen a life sized one before!!!!

I think I'd have hid that candy :) until this morning at least!

You guys are having a blast - love all the pics!

My husband made fun of me when it snowed here last winter and I was taking a picture of myself in the side window of the car :)

Jules said...

I love the tie dyed tshirts. Super cute.