Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Joy of Giving

We decided to join in on this fabulous reminder of what Christmas is all about!My family has made our list for the 12 Days of Giving! Heidi at Sacred and Profane started this last year and I think it is a wonderful way to give back. It shows my kids that Christmas is really about helping others and not all about themselves. So these are the 12 things my family is going to do.

1. Help serve breakfast at the local mission

2. give canned goods to the local food bank

3. they each buy a toy to donate to Toys for Tots

4. send Christmas cards to the troops

5. send a care package to Kain's pen pal which is serving in Iraq

6. give money to the Salvation Army bell ringers

7. give to the Lottie Moon Christmas fund to help keep missionaries out on the field

8. Donate 2 chickens in memory of my mom to our sponsored child {Pamela} home country through World Vision

9. Pick 2 children from the Angel Tree and buy gifts for them

10. visit the shut-ins and sing Christmas Carols

11. deliver meals to the home bound for Mobile Meals

12. let the kids bake and give it to their great grandparents


heidi said...

What a fantastic list!! I'm so glad to see so many families joining us in this. Happy days to you!

He & Me + 3 said...

you list is awesome. You will be so blessed because you gave. It truly is so fun to give.

Rhonda said...

What are ya trying to do...make us all look bad??? Just teasing - you guys will have a great time with your list!