Sunday, December 13, 2009

Roper Mountain

This past Thursday we took the kids to Greenville to see the lights at Roper Mountain. The last time we had been was when Kain was a baby.Seeing Christmas lights is probably one of the kids favorite things to do during the holidays.

There was a very talented elf that made these balloons! The line was pretty long but it was worth it!
{Yes,my kids look a little green but it's from no flash and the}

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He & Me + 3 said...

How fun and I am loving the balloon creations and the million marshmallows on the sticks. LOL you are always doing something fun.

Stephanie said...

We went last weekend to see the lights. The kids wanted to see Santa but they wanted $20 for one picture! :( I about flipped!!! Said you could only use your camera on Monday and Tuesday-guess we'll have to go back one night before it's over. The balloons were SO cool too! They didn't have the bonfire the night we were there though...that's cute!