Wednesday, December 23, 2009

SS Christmas Party

This year we had our SS Christmas party in our church's gym. On this particular Friday there was freezing rain and a little snow.We all debated if we should cancel it or not but I am always up for some fellowship! So we went ahead with it! There were a few families that braved the weather to come out. We ended up having a great time!

The dads and children enjoyed playing a game of dodge ball.It was the kids turn to hit the dads:)

All babies LOVE Ms.Summer!
And that is definitely NOT sweet tea she is giving Colemann;)

All the hubbies played a "Who can wrap the gifts the fastest" game. The team Corey was on won!

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Santa was suppose to come but he wasn't feeling too good in this bad weather. So our SS teacher,Kevin, read the kids a story.

Even though Santa couldn't come he sent an Elf earlier that day to bring the presents.

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