Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

I still needed to do some last minute shopping Christmas Eve morning. So I got up at 6am to hit the stores. Corey walked me out to my car and when I opened the door my glove compartment was open and the papers were all over my car.I asked Corey if he had done it and he said no.That's when we noticed the back window in my car had been BUSTED out! Yep, some one had broke into my car and stole my purse (with gift cards and all documentation in it)plus my GPS. I know it's just a car but I feel so violated that some stranger has all my information.Even though I was feeling really down we still had to go on with things.

We went to Corey's parents for lunch and to exchange gifts.The kids were very excited about going to grandma's!

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After lunch we headed to home so the kids could open the gifts from us.My kids are kinda strange but they love getting clothes for Christmas! So that's what Corey and I get them.Noah always asks for jeans on his Christmas

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Jules said...

That break in stinks! Glad you still pulled it together and had a great time with the kiddos.

He & Me + 3 said...

When that happened to us in the summer...we felt violated too. It is no fun. Thank God hubs car was unlocked so they didn't have to break any windows to get the GPS. I hear that you shouldn't put the GPS suction thing on the dash because even if the GPS is not in the car they will still break in to look for it because they know you have one. Crazy huh?