Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall Festival # 2

Last night we went with the Martins,Waddells ,Laneys ,and Harrisons to the fall festival at First Baptist North Spartanburg . Boy was it crowded but we managed to ride a few rides. We sure had a big group of kids between all of us. There was a little drama with everyone about who's riding in front. But other than that it was great. Kain is in only one picture because he didn't want to ride the kiddie rides. He did manage to ride the swings last night. I know they waited at least 40 minutes to get on. But overall it was great. We didn't lose any kids and didn't come home with any extras. So I think that was a pretty successful evening!

All the kids when we first got there. So many we could barely fit them in the

Noah and Andrew riding the kiddie coaster.
Zoe , Breaden( I prob spelled that wrong) and Jake. All sitting up front and happy.

Brycen , Zachary, Jake and Zoe

Zoe with the girls Ella Kate, Brynn and Karson

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