Saturday, October 25, 2008

Quick question

How do I change the the middle of my blog?
The part where all the writing (all that pink).
I tried once before and lost all my pics.
I'm scared I will lose everything .
But I'm getting tired of the pink.
Can anyone help?
I'm not computer literate by no means.
Thanks in advance!


Stacy said...

at least I got the comment thing working now

Summer Martin said...

Hey Stacy, go to your dashboard and click on change layout. Then click on page layout font and colors at the top. You can change all of your colors this way. It took me months to figure this out! I hope this helps:)

Stacy said...

I have clicked on every one of those things and none of them change this pink. Behind this striped layout is the stars one I had. That's where the pink came from. But I don't know how to remove the stars layout without losing everything.When I try it says I will lose my widgets(whatever that is).

Erica said...

Thank you for the comment =) You can click edit html and find were it says sidebar color. Google HTML colors and find the number of one you want and replace just the number. Does that make sense?