Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Parade

Boiling Springs High School does a Homecoming Parade every year.

I had never heard about it until Zoe's teacher sent home a note saying her class was going to ride on a float ( well the back of a truck).

She was really excited about waving to everyone and throwing candy to the kids.

It was a really cute parade. It reminded me of something out of the movies.

You know the ones where the whole town shuts down and goes to the game.

More schools ought to show that kind of pride. But anyways we all enjoyed it.

Zoe waiting for the parade to start.
Zoe throwing candy out to the kids.

Daddy had to go pick her up after it was over.


Rhonda said...

Woodruff has a Homecoming Parade and big bonfire. I guess it's a small town thing...kind of neat. :)

Stacy said...

I guess so. Maybe more schools do and I just don't hear about them. All schools should do it.