Sunday, October 26, 2008

Go Big Blue

Tonight we took the kids to their first high school football game. It's the first one Corey and I have been to in about 10 years. It was awesome!!!!! Just in cause you haven't all ready heard....
Dorman won...woo woo!! The kids loved it too! Except for the part where we waited a hour to just move the car off of the grass :(

Waiting for the game to start. Please notice the shirt I am wearing with no sleeves.I about froze to death.

Zoe using her binoculars.

Some pregame munchies.

Dorman storms the field
It was getting cold! And even though I was totally freezing ( being the good mother I am) I didn't take the kids blanket.
Dorman 35 Byrnes about that!!!!
The crowd goes wild!
Look who we ran into while sitting in the car for a hour waiting to move. Zoe's most favorite teacher ever...Mrs. Cassidy!! We love her!


Rhonda said...

So glad your comments are fixed - what did you do?? And if no one else can tell you, Kim fixed mine last week. You have to take off the code that is from the Pyzam page - I had that on there too. I will find out for sure what she did.
We were at the game last night! I hate we didn't see you. I bet you were cold - it was okay at first but got really chilly!

Stacy said...

It just started working again.Sorry everyones sick at your house. The game was great wasn't it? Well unless you were pulling for the "other" team.

Summer Laney said...

I didn't even notice you didn't have a coat on the pictures...what were you thinking!