Monday, October 13, 2008

More Zoe talk....

The other week Zoe got a lot of bites on her legs. I'm not sure from were, maybe playing out side.

I was telling Corey it looked bad. So we were putting some medicine on them when Zoe looks up at Corey.

She looks like she is going to cry. Her lip is rolled out and she says in a very sad voice " All my friends are gonna call me Zoe the mosquito girl"!

I thought it was funny but it looked like it broke Corey's heart.

I was telling her no one is going to talk about you.

While Corey is saying "You tell Daddy if anyone says anything to you".

I tell ya she has her Daddy wrapped so tight her finger is blue!!


Jo Ellen said...

Nicknames must run in the family since her Mama is "Back Row Baptist Hides Behind Her Book Girl"!

Stacy said...
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