Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween Party

Last night we had our first (maybe last...j/k) Halloween party for the kids. I had gotten up at 5 am to start preparing for the night. Everyone started arriving around 7pm and they never stopped coming. I think at last count their were around 30 kids. That's not including the parents. So needless to say my house was full of people.

We had a ball though. They played Suck the Pumpkin seed , mummy wrap and bobbled for apples. Apple bobbing was their favorite. We were going to do smores but it didn't stop raining...ugh! Seeing who can pick up the seeds the fastest!
Marissa being wrapped like a mummy!

Corey trying to get an apple
Kain's looking for the right one

Good Job Noah

I had saw these recipes for caramel apples rolled in chocolate and crushed butterfingers.
So I decided to give it a try. Let me tell ya it takes a long time to do 20 apples. But I managed to do them Thursday and they looked pretty good. You would just have to know Noah but he gets up and eats at night. Now I don't mean a little he eats everything. So Corey took the apples out of the fridge and put them up on a shelf. When I went to get them down the caramel had slide off of them.So note to self they must stay in the fridge till time to eat them.

Over all it was a great party and everyone loved so. Maybe just maybe we will do it again next year. But we will have to hire a maid to come clean up afterwards!

Destiny, Noah and Kain
My nieces Tamara, Cassie and Madison
Tamara, Haley, Madison, Destiny and Kain
The Marlers
My sister and her girls
Stephanie and Lilly
Paula and Autumn
Destiny and Diane
Cheryl ,Abby,Caleb and Brandon
Zoe and Natalie

Us Crazy Cotheran's
Pop, Grandma,Noah Zoe Kain and Draven (my nephew)
The Potter Boys

Princess Zoe


Summer Laney said...

Sounds like fun! You are brave to have that many kids in your house...

Rhonda said...

Okay, you're helping us with bonfire games!! No arguments!! :)

Summer Martin said...

It looks like you had fun. How do you know Cheryl?

Stacy said...

We have been friends for years. We worked together at Wal-Mart about 9 years ago.