Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ballerina Zoe

Zoe's ballet class had a parent preview Monday. All the mama's were so excited. All the little girls were so cute!!! This was the first time we have gotten to observe the class. I have been wondering what they've been doing. To her Zoe tell it they just run around and play. But they really are learning the technique even though they don't know it.

Zoe princess walking on her toes
During dress up time

dancing in the mirrors

Stretching the legs out

She loves ballet!!!


Summer Laney said...

Zoe looks so cute. I can't wait to see Brynn's class. We parents get to watch on the 25th. I am glad to hear that they actually DO learn something!!

Rhonda said...

Ella Kate had parent's night last week. They mostly ran in circles!!! I think they were all out of sorts b/c they moved to a different, bigger room for us and since there were 2 rows of mommies and daddies staring at them.
Zoe does look so sweet in her pink!!

jessica said...

awww that looks too cute