Friday, November 21, 2008

Family Friday's

Kain Nathanial

lovable, shy, sensitive, loves learning,
plays sport, always gives his best, great big brother,
good listener, singer, treasure hunter, oldest child,
4th grader, almost 10, red headed,
is his Daddy's mini me, child of God, artistic,
honor roll student, great friend, growing inches by the day ( thank goodness),
worrier, doesn't like thunderstorms,
loves learning his bible verses for Awana,
people pleaser , very helpful, picky eater,
animal lover,
he doesn't like to do homework,
He loves watching and playing football,
his favorite teams are the Clemson Tigers
and the Carolina Panthers
freckle faced, joy of our lives



Lisa said...

He is a cutie!! That beach looks so nice... I could go for some warm weather right about now. We are due to get snow tonight (UGH)!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I have heard of people that didn't go back for the recheck after surgery and ended up pregnant...not me though..I will absolutely not be cooking any more in my oven!!!! :)

You have a beautiful family..hope you don't mind I am's always nice to talk to people in your area!

Davisix said...

What a sweet and precious post. And I love the way you spell his name. :) Ang

Alicia said...


He's so cute!!! He has the most sensitive eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!