Monday, November 17, 2008


Update: Okay so I got it to change to one of the blog spot templates. But I really don't like it. But when I try other ones its not working. But for now I will leave it alone. But I still think we need some classes...I'm not kidding either!

I have done it some how. I've messed my blog up. This morning I was looking and couldn't find my stuff on the left side(profile info,labels,older post...etc). See how blank it is on the side?I scrolled down to the bottom and it's under the posts. I went to edit layout and but all the things were in the right place. I've tried everything I know (which isn't much). I'm computer illiterate and in a bad need of help. Then when I try to pick a new template it pops up saying Internet Explorer can not open the Internet Site...operation aborted( that can't be good). Some one needs to give a class showing us non computer geniuses how to work the blogger stuff. Any volunteers???


Jennifer said...

When somebody does let me know cause I can't do it and I have no idea how to do 4th of the stuff that y'all all do... A class would be GREAT!!!!!!

Liz said...

It has to do with the widths that are set up for your Outer Wrapper, Main Wrapper and Sidebar Wrapper. What you need to do it look at your HTML codes for your layout. You will find some codes that list these widths in pixels. If you are trying to do 3 columns you need to be sure that the Main Wrapper+Sidebar wrapper+Sidebar wrapper is less than the Outer Wrapper. You also need to consider that there are some margins between the columns that need to be accommodated. What you can try doing is increasing your Outer Wrapper. Once you do that if it fixes everything, you will probably want to correct your header wrapper to be the same width so that they line up poperly.

Hope this works...if not let me know I will help more if I can (you can email me - see my profile)

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I always mess mine up too. Last night, I even attacked my husbands! You are in good company