Monday, November 17, 2008

Ballet Part 2

So tonight was another parent preview. Yes, I know we are a lucky group of moms. This time I had the boys with me. Since the boys were there Zoe wanted to act a little bit funnier than usual. Noah on the other hand has found a new should I put it ...passion? No, I'm just kidding ( I think and his daddy hopes).He did seem to really enjoy the class. They had audience participation this time. Noah was lucky enough to be chosen by Zoe ( Kain was so disappointed...NOT) to skip around with her. By the end of class he was saying "sign me up!". Umm, I don't think daddy would like that. Maybe I'm wrong but something tells me I'm not.
Leigh was lucky enough to be picked by her beautiful daughter Olivia. So she got to join in on the fun. I so wanted to bounce around the room with all those people watching. Yeah right! I guess it will be awhile before we get to "look" again.
*** I am not to happy with the color of these pictures. But I'm still learning how to use my camera. Yeah, they're still cute.***

Zoe knows how to move the hips.

Leigh and Olivia
I can fly!!
Noah and Zoe skipping around

1 comment:

Leigh Theo said...

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you for that, Stacy!! I'm truly thankful you are my friend and chose to use the far away picture, not the other one. I owe you for that!

You definitely have some blackmail material with that other picture; not that I have anything you'd need to blackmail me for. {Um, I specifically heard your little guy begging to take ballet...keep that in mind}.

Next time, I'm definitely getting Zoe to pick you to jump, skip, and hop all around the room {somehow} so you can see just how terrific it feels to jiggle in front of the whole class!!!

Although, I know Kain would be crushed, not to be chosen.

Kain...tights and ballet shoes...has a nice ring to it, I think! Oh, and let's not forget the little black "pants" {if that's what you want to call them}.

I'm chuckling out loud right now!

I gotta go to bed!

See you next week. I guess the fun is over and I'll go back to more cutting outside in the hallway.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

Leigh :)