Friday, November 7, 2008

Colonial Day

Today Kain had his field trip. Well I guess I should say the field trip came to them. It was a Colonial Village set up right behind the school. There were 9 stations where they did things from way back when. Some of the things they did were writing with a quill pen, playing games, dressing up, making bracelets and there was more too. I just can't remember them all. The sun fried my I'm just kidding. But it did get hot with the sun beaming down on your face ALL day.

The kids had a great day outside seeing how kids from the colonial days did things. I think they were thankful they live in this modern world. And they were especially glad they don't have to wear all those layers of clothes.

Kain after putting "war paint " on
He enjoyed the dress up put because of the props.

He's writing with a quill pen.

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