Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day 08

Update: I am so thankful I did not change my address to Boiling Springs. My sister in law got in line at 3:00 at the high school. She just left at 7:30. It took her over 4 hours to vote!

Of course I have not changed my address to Boiling Springs so I had to travel down to Gable to vote. We got at the polls around 8:45 and were leaving at about 9:30. It wasn't as long as I had thought it would be. The kids lost interest very quick. Noah and Zoe sat in the chairs while I was at the booth. Kain did walk up with me and watched as I voted. When we got out they were yelling that they had voted. So in all it was a very good morning. Hope everyone got to go vote!!

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