Saturday, November 1, 2008

Not ME! Monday

Yes it's Monday again and most people dread it but it's time for Not Me! Monday...If you've never heard of this check out MckMama's NMM(link is the post title). You will definitely get a great laugh out of it.And if you haven't read her blog please take the time. As you read you will see God perform a miracle right in front of you!

I most definitely did not do this....

Awards Day for Kain was Wednesday.Since I am the class mom I was in charge of providing refreshments for everyone. I did not wait till the last minute and go to Krispy Kreme and get 5 dozens donuts.I did not let all those kids eat that sugar and then leave them with their poor teacher.No I did not.

I did not wish that as soon as the Awana party started Wednesday that it was over. No, I loved 45 kids running wild as they wait for candy. All kidding aside they were all so cute!!!

I did not let my kids eat candy out of their bags for breakfast. I always feed them healthy things.

I did not go out of the house with my pj's on to the grocery store to pick up 20 lbs of hamburger meat. My friend did not call and say i better hurry because it would all be gone .And when i got there I did not see a little old lady looking at the meat and most definitely didn't say excuse me then get processed to take all the packs of meat. I have manners and would have waited until the lady moved.

I did not come home from church yesterday and take some night time medicine even though it was definitely daytime. For one us moms never get sick. And number 2 that would mean that I slept 5 hours straight and left the kids with Corey all day . Nah I wouldn't do that.

I did not ask my husband to cook lunch while I was at church. And he did not have it ready when we got and it was not very yummy.

That's all I have this week folks...I really am sick.


Lisa said...

Leaving the house in your jammies is hilarious!! Thanks for sharing.

Takin' time to smell the flowers! said...

Thanks for the comment:) I've not done any of those types of things either. I'm so sorry that you're sick, get well soon.
God Bless, April

Kameron said...

Nice to get the kids all sugared up. My aunt and uncle like to do that with my kid and he goes burzurk! I hope you feel better. it seems the cold bug is biting everyone right now!

heidi said...

Donuts are bad?

I learn so much on Mondays!


heather@it'stwinsanity said...

I had to laugh about the donuts. I would love to eat them everyday but there is no way I'd let my kids have them because that sugar high would be scary. Very scary!

Hope you feel better soon!