Saturday, November 1, 2008


This Halloween we kept it simple and that was enough for us and the kids. We went to Grandma's first. She had a nice bag of goodies to give the kids. Then we walked down to granny and papa's ( Corey's grandparents) to let them see the kids all dressed up. After we visited for a little we went to church for Trunk or Treat. Wow, did the kids get a ton of candy or what? Zoe's cat bag was overflowing. So after that we just decided to go home. I think one bag of candy per child is quite enough. Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween.

Haley,Kain,Zoe,Noah and Marissa
Kain doesn't look too happy.

Trunk or Treat

My 3 monkeys

Zoe's cubbies class.

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