Saturday, November 15, 2008

Let us be thankful..

Tonight our SS class was packing our Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes. We had a great dinner first (thanks everyone that brought the food). We had some fast packers too. By the time I was through eating ( well mostly chatting) the boxes were almost done. Zoe really enjoyed helping out. The boys, well we were in the gym so they decided they would rather play basketball.

When I looked in the boxes there were a lot of fun things. I know my kids take things for granted. I wish they could see how thankful other kids are going to be when they receive these boxes. That is something we (Corey and I) have to work on with the kids. We are so grateful that God allows us to have material things. Without him we would have nothing.

We ended up having to leave early because Corey's work called him in. Zoe wasn't happy about that at all. So of course she had a melt down resulting in her face spotting all up.When she gets upset she breaks out in red and white patches all over her face. This first happened when she was 5 days old. I thought she was dying or something. Then she gets upset because her face breaks out. Oh the drama!

All the shoe boxes being packed with goodies.
Zoe putting a doll in the box.

Noah playing ball.

This is what happens to her face when she has a melt down. Actually this looks better than normal.

I am realizing with the new camera it takes a LONG time to upload photos. But oh well everything has it's cons. Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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Rhonda said...

Yes!! It takes forever to download pictures that are so big!! But they're so worth it!
And I've seen Zoe's face much worse - I thought she must have something awful wrong with her the first time I saw it. :)