Friday, November 28, 2008

Family Friday's

Noah Layton

big brown eyes, loves to snuggle,
laughs a lot, eats in the middle of the night a lot,
very active, terrific student, loyal,
caring, thoughtful, good listener,
can do anything he tries,
loves his animals,
sincere, great big brother,
loves sleeping in Kain's bed,
loves reading, writes neat,
excited to learn more about God,
goofy, fun loving, carefree, dare devil,
very athletic, great friend,
gets upset if mama isn't there at night,
will eat anything or at least try it,
always asks for pants for Christmas ( have no idea why),
middle child, amazing son!

Pickle anyone?

He loves animals

He loves Guitar Hero

Key West

This is the mischievous look!

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